Monday, April 18, 2016

Bartolus on the Rhine

I recently noticed that the Lawbook Exchange catalog from a couple of years ago featured an interesting 1733 book on water law, with the intriguing Latin-German title Tractatus Juridicus de Alluvione, Insulis, Alveo & Jure Aquatico. oder vom Wasser Recht..., by Bartolus and Noe Meurer. Here's what the catalog had to say:
Final edition. First published in 1570, this is a legal study of rivers. It is grounded in an analysis of the Tractatus de Fluminibus by Bartolus of Saxoferrato. Meurer applies this analysis to issues concerning the Rhine and other waterways. As suggested by the frontispiece, he is concerned with navigation, fishing rights, alluvial rights, irrigation and motive power (for water wheels). A useful and well-received work, it went through ten editions.

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  1. This book is now part of the Yale Law Library's Rare Book Collection and is available for researchers to consult. -- MIKE WIDENER, Rare Book Librarian