Monday, December 15, 2014

In Memoriam: Gordon Bakken

We note the recent passing of historian Gordon Bakken (1943-2014). A leader in the fields of western American history and women's history, Bakken was also active at the intersection of legal and environmental history. Some publications:

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  • "American Mining Law and the Environment:  The Western Experience," 1 Western Legal History 211-36 (Summer/Fall, 1988)
  • "A Law for Water in the West: Irwin v. Phillips (1855)," pp. 314-15;  "The Hydraulic Society of the Colorado River: Arizona v. California (1963)," pp. 320-21 in John W. Johnson, ed. Historic U.S. Court Cases, 1690-1990 (Garland Publishing, 1992)
  • “An Inversion Layer in Western Legal History: Air Pollution in Butte, Montana," in Hendirk Hartog and William E. Nelson, eds., Law as Culture and Culture as Law (Madison House Publishers, 2000), pp. 264-91
  • "Water Pollution, Law, and the Collapse of Societies,” 17 Western Legal History (Summer/Fall 2004): 211-234
  • “Montana, Anaconda, and the Price of Pollution,” 69 The Historian (Spring 2007), 36-48
  • The Mining Law of 1872: Past, Politics, and Prospects (University of New Mexico Press, 2008)
  • “Mining and Pollution in the West: The Limits of Law Protecting the Environment". 21 Western Legal History (Summer/Fall 2008), pp. 209- 236
  •  “Colorado’s Impact on American Mining Law,” 49 Journal of the West (Spring 2010): 61-67

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