Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ELI interviews of environmental law pioneers

The Environmental Law Institute (where years ago I spent a great summer internship as a law student) recently uploaded interviews with 24 people involved in creating the legal framework for modern environmental law in the US, along with short biographies of the interviewees. Scott Fulton, ELI's President, explains:
Nearly 50 years ago, thousands of Americans rallied in the spring of 1970 to celebrate the first Earth Day, an event that marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. As we approach the 50-year milestone, the Environmental Law Institute has interviewed and recorded the stories of 24 of the men and women who inspired, created, and implemented U.S. framework laws to protect public health and the environment. We asked them why they chose to work on environmental problems and what caused the rise in public concern and support for new environmental laws in the early days. We learned how sweeping new laws like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act came to be created and carried out by able leaders from both political parties, what innovations in those laws made environmental law work well, and where they fell short of expectations.

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