Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Call for Papers: Environmental Conflicts, Business Strategies and Environmental Management in Mining and Metallurgical Industries

The call for papers for an international symposium on "Environmental Conflicts, Business Strategies and Environmental Management in Mining and Metallurgical Industries, 18th-20th centuries", to be held 21-22 May 2015 in √Čvora, Portugal, has been extended to May 3. From the call:
At the end of the 19th c, within the context of capitalist firm competition and the dynamics generated by technological advance, the creation of global markets for minerals and metals promoted intensive extractive and industrial large scale operations which had a major impact not only on the quality of the water from springs, rivers and seas, but also on air and soils. New industrial landscapes were created in the process under the enthusiasm fostered by the ideologies of progress, nationalism and militarism. While environmental conflicts are today one of the dominant forms of social contention, they remained almost silenced in the past. This scientific meeting addresses the role of those conflicts in the shaping of strategies in Mining and Metallurgical Industries (MMI) and in the emergent knowledge of environmental management and governance that has become embedded in the European legal and institutional framework. From this standpoint, other issues should be also addressed, such as:
• How MMI responded to emergent environmental issues raised by institutions and the civil society?
• How risk and other environmental related concepts became under consideration in business strategies and, especially, what were the scientific and technological initiatives adopted?
• How environmental conflicts varied across time and cultures (organization, components, social influence, etc)?
The full call and more details are here.

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