Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Colorado and Israeli water law

If you'll be in the Denver area this week, you might be interested in the Colorado Water Congress Annual Convention, at which I'll be speaking twice.
Elwood Mead was an influential figure in the development
of Colorado water law in the 19th century,
and in Palestine and Israel in the 20th

This Wednesday afternoon I'll be speaking on "How Colorado Water Law Came to Israel", where I'll talk about how the legal rules and principles developed in nineteenth-century Colorado influenced policymakers around the world, why the British rulers of Mandate Palestine looked to the western U.S. for a model of water law, and Zionist attitudes to the importation of this model into Palestine and then Israel.

On Thursday evening I'll be giving the keynote presentation at the CSU Water Resources Archive "Water Tables" event, where I'll talk about my book, The Colorado Doctrine: Water Rights, Corporations, and Distributive Justice on the American Frontier (Yale UP, 2012).

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