Monday, November 4, 2013

Environment at ASLH

The upcoming meeting Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History in Miami (Nov. 7-9) looks to be strong on a variety of topics, but papers on the environment seem to be few and far between. Nevertheless the program promises a number of legal history papers, noted below, with an environmental angle (going by their titles). If you know of more, please let us know in the comments section.

Please also contact me if you're planning on attending the conference and are interested in meeting up with others interested in environmental aspects of legal history, or if you're interested in contributing a blog entry on some of these papers.


Panel A.5

Yair Sagy & Nadia Tzimerman, University of Haifa
‘The Responsible American Oil Men’ and the Israeli Petroleum Law of 1952

Orli Sela, Bar-Ilan University
TVA on the Jordan River: American Influence on Water Resources Management and Regulation in the End of the British Mandate and the First Decade of the State of Israel

Panel C.3

David Schorr, Tel Aviv University
How Smoothly Did U.S. Water Law Flow Northwards?

Panel C.6

Matthew Axtell, Princeton University
Customs of the River: Governing the Commons within a Nineteenth-Century Steamboat Economy


Panel D.4

Daniel S. Margolies, Virginia Wesleyan College
Imperial Reorderings in United States Extraterritorial Trade, Resource, and Regulatory Regimes, 1945-1958

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